News and articles for November 2017

The Hill: Letters to the Editor (Linda Behnken): Overfishing Isn’t ‘Modern’

Undercurrent News: US regulators boost Atlantic menhaden catch limits by 8%

Portland Press Herald: Maine Voices-A critical fishery left vulnerable to one company’s exploitation

Oceans Deeply: Flying Blind: The Dangerous Decline of the U.S. Ocean Monitoring Fleet

Alaska Native News: U.S. Leads in Global Fisheries Management

Honolulu Civil Beat: The Odd Story Of How A NOAA Scientist Calculated A Giant Marlin’s Age

Capital City Weekly: Fishermen Expo a festival of information, ideas, and connections

Oceans Deeply: Something Fishy? Bluefin Tuna Not Recovered; Regulators Say Catch More

Gloucester Times: Fisheries council to undertake independent review

St. Augustine Record (EDITORIAL): Snapper season’s a go, but we need to ask feds ‘why?’

CT Mirror: Beneath the Waves, Climate Change Puts Marine Life on the Move; Connecticut’s traditional fishing catch is heading north

Destin Log: Guest Opinion: Take advantage of Florida’s abundant seafood

Gloucester Times: Codfather reports to Devens prison 

Seattle Times: Climate change preview? Pacific Ocean ‘blob’ appears to take toll on Alaska cod

Seafood Source: NFI’s new top 10 list of America’s favorite seafood species points to upward consumption trend

NOAA Fisheries of the United States 2016 Report:

Associated Press: Fishing catch increases in value, volume dips slightly

Seafood Source: Annual NOAA fisheries report shows value up, consumption slightly down from 2015

Cape Cod Times: American Fisheries Remain Strong Economic Contributor


Associated Press: Chellie Pingree wants more charges brought against ‘Codfather’ fishing tycoon

Alabama Press-Register: Alabama seafood: fresh from the Gulf to your dinner plate

Orlando Sentinel: Commentary: Keep our oceans fishy; defend the Magnuson-Stevens Act

 Star-Ledger: There’s good news for one of N.J.’s most endangered fish

Providence Journal: Our Turn: Larry Taft, Steve Medeiros and Jonathan Stone: Managing the sea’s most important fish

Seafood Source: NOAA Fisheries approves limited 2017 red snapper season in the South Atlantic

Hatch Magazine: 203,748 comments is not enough; Yes, we’re doing the Pebble Mine thing again


The Fishing Wire (Op-ed at bottom of page): The Promise, and Peril, of Electronic Reporting for Anglers